LineRider (SP) 1.0.13

Create your own toboggan tracks - then ride them!


  • Lots of track editing tools
  • Add your own sounds and music
  • Perplexing puzzle mode
  • Lets you share tracks with others


  • Don't expect polished game graphics


If you're a bit of a speed freak who loves roller coasters, go-karts and sledging then I'm sure you've thought about designing your own high-speed tracks before.

LineRider allows you to build your own toboggan courses using your mobile phone. Naturally, it also lets you ride them afterwards, so you can get your adrenaline fix. It's a pretty unique concept for a mobile game and it works very well.

The main section of LineRider can be accessed by selecting the 'Create track' option from the top menu. Here you're faced with a blank grid and a series of tools to help you build your track. You simply select the tool you want from the icons at the top then position the cursor and start drawing. Besides the 9 different types of line (including ones that accelerate, slow you down, and reverse), there are tools for applying curves, adding scenary, erasing, zooming, and an undo feature. Once you're course is finished you just hit the play button and watch your little man hang on for dear life.

The challenge of LineRider comes with refining your track so that your tobogganer can successful reach the finish line. To do this, you'll need to keep editing the course and replaying the action to test it out. Once you're finished you can even share your track with others online through LineRider.

Besides the track creation section, LineRider also includes a series of 'Puzzles', whereby you're given a set of courses that you must fix in order for your little guy to reach the bottom. Some of these prove mighty tricky and only serve to add to the game's longevity.

LineRider represents one of the most original interactive mobile games around and its depth and community features will have you hooked.



LineRider (SP) 1.0.13

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